Inbound Call Management

Who We Are

Jollytel is a leading provider of Australian inbound numbers and with our own hosted PBX platform, routing options are almost endless.

Save 30% Off Your Current 1300 / 13 / 1800 Monthly Invoice.

Want 100% control over how your Incoming calls?

– Want more Sales?

– Want your calls answered professionally & consistently?

– Want efficient call management systems?

– Want your business image & brand to be protected?

– Want cost reduction?

– Grow your business with Jollytel’s Never Miss A Call

Plus, FREE Jollytel Number Manager

– the market-leading portal for call management

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Your Are in Total Control

We believe that there are only 2 results when your customer calls your business.

Your staff answers the call, after it has traveled through our many routing options or, the call goes to email which is then emailed directly to you.

Our reporting platform allows you to understand the statistics for every call. These reports can be customized to suit your needs.

Reporting options include the following:

  • Call outcome
  • Location tracking
  • Destination
  • Call Centre Metrics
  • Time of day
  • By Suburb
  • Marketing ROI
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What Are You Waiting For? Start Saving Today!

Simply send Jollytel your contact details and a copy of your latest bill and we guarantee to save you 30%, yes it is that easy.

Stay connected and Never Miss a call – FAQ

Is there any down time when porting my inbound number to Jollytel ?

No, cut over happens without any issues.

Do you really guarantee a 30% on my current inbound number bill, 1300, 13, 1800?

Yes, excluding the 13 government charges.

Does Jollytel have Australian based support team and ticketing system that is responded to quickly?

Yes, most tickets are responded to within the hour.

Will Jollytel be able to make changes to my routing if circumstances change within my business

Yes, we have a live system and changes can be made over the phone or via our portal or as a result if you send in a support request.

Can I customize the reports I get from Jollytel?

Yes so many options here, all reports delivered via email.

What happens if Jollytel Network is down ?

Jollytel network is never down because of the redundancy and fail overs are built into out network architecture. Simply if Melbourne
data center link is down, we failover to Sydney and our customers continue as normal.