Working to create Financial Wellness for all Australians. For you the individual and by Connecting & Engaging businesses & organisations with their employees and members.


A web & mobile solution to provide employee benefits, rewards and recognition.

Financial Literacy

An any time solution. Be informed, educated and responsible for your decisions

Having the right Finance foundations and structure forms the cornerstone towards achieving your Financial Wellness for the benefit of you and your family.

Money Management

Development of tailored, monitored program for you and your family to reduce debt and grow.


To provide financial wellness solutions direct to you and your family.


To facilitate member solutions for the development of all

Australian Businesses & Employees

It’s a common misconception; organisations believe that their employees personal finances and the struggles they face are just that – personal. However employees are bringing their personal finances into the workplace at a significant cost to business.

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Employers are impacted by financial stress

Financial stress is a significant problem for Australian employees, and it comes at a high cost to employers. This is just the beginning of the cost calculation

Employees who are financially stressed are less satisfied with their lives, less engaged with their employers and ultimately are more likely to underperform at work.


Health and wellness are integrated

Mental, physical and financial wellness are interconnected. Personal financial issues can be the key source of stress for employees and can impact their physical and mental health.

Is financial wellness part of your health strategy?


Our Platform

We have designed an anywhere anytime platform that provides employees a safe and inviting place to explore all things financial.

This platform creates a natural extension to the support you already provide employees.

Financial Wellness Defined

The underlying basis of financial wellness is financial security. It relates to the ability of a person to manage their finances for short term needs while saving for mid and long term goals.

Our program has been designed to improve financial behavior and outcomes.

Financial wellness is a mindset forged from the way a person evaluates their finances and how it makes them feel – it’s not about being rich.

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CONNECT @ Work – A program designed for all Australian employers.

Your own “BRANDED” EMPLOYEE FINANCIAL WELLNESS SITE”. For smaller employers, we have you covered as well. Use the program, as part of your staff engagement, retention and attraction program. Driving productivity, workplace culture and cost savings.

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