Working with you to Grow your Community and developing Financial Wellness & Wellbeing


Fundraising Assist for charities, schools and clubs. We make fundraising easy, taking the hassle out of it, giving your members something they actually want. It’s a win/win/win you can be proud to introduce to your members.

Fundraising Assist for charities, schools and clubs.

It’s not about asking for donations. With our solution, you can earn funds without the hard sell, and your supporters will love you for it.

Our program focus on creating “income streams” for you so as you can continue to support Australians as well as International programs.

Enabling the development of better communities.

MDT Fund Raising Assist Program

As we are committed to the development of a better community .

We are well aware of the financial stresses currently in place with respect to raising of donations and the competition that exists.

Our program focuses on creating “income streams” for Charities and Clubs so as they can continue to support Australian and International programs.

Building a better world to live in.